F-2. Fertilizer consumption
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Contact and information


Thousand tons; million hectares; kg/hectare, %
Agricultural and Environment Statistics Department
Head: Giorgi Sanadze
Tel.: + 995 32 2 36 72 10 ext.500
E-mail: gsanadze@geostat.ge
Creation date
The Survey of Agricultural Holdings (Geostat)
ENVR 20062019(1)


… Data are not available.
* - The data of State Department for Land Management of Georgia for year 2004 is used for estimation.
** - Includes consumption of manure only.
Data on fertilizer use comes from the Survey of Agricultural Holdings and covers fertilizers used by agricultural holdings for their agricultural activities. The main source of sample frame for 2006-2015 years of surveys was Agricultural Census 2004. Since 2016, the sample frame has been updated based on Agricultural Census 2014. Consequently, in order to ensure comparability of data of 2014-2019 years, reconciliation of the data has been made for the years of 2014 and 2015. Therefore, the data of 2014-2019 years are not comparable to the data of 2006-2013 years.